Far Uvc Lamp 222nm Uvc Germicidal Lamp

Far Uvc Lamp 222nm Uvc Germicidal Lamp

Item: No ozone uv light ultraviolet bulbs
Brand Name: LightS
Model: LS1888A-150W
Weight: 1.2kg
Rated Power: 150W
Voltage: DC24V
Application: Sterilization
Type: Germicidal UV Light
Wavelength: 222nm
Color: Ultravoilet, White
Working time: 5000hours
Material: UVC Light
Main Parts: Charging cable
Warranty(Year): One year

Product Details

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uvc 222nm lamp

ultraviolet lamp uvc

222nm uvc table lamp

Product Specifications

t5 222nm uvc lamp

222nm lampe germicide uvc

Testing &  Certificates 

uvc portable lamp 222nm

recharge uvc lamp 222nm

150w uvc lamp

far 222nm germicidal uvc lamp


222nm uv sterilizer lamp 222nm uv-c lamp uvc

uvc lighting sanitizer lamp

philips uvc lamps


Q1: Is the portable uvc light harmful?

A: No. This germicidal uv led  is non-toxic, harmless, ozone-free and mercury-free.

Q2: What are the two most common types of uvc light sterilizer?

A: One is ultraviolet sterilization lamp with mercury lamp as light source, and the other is ultraviolet sterilization

lamp with LED lamp as light source.

Q3: Can UVC light prevent colds?

A: Yes, it can prevent colds. After all, most of our colds are caused by the invasion of viral bacteria.


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