Portable Uv Lamp 222nm Quartz Uv Lamp

Portable Uv Lamp 222nm Quartz Uv Lamp

Item: No ozone uv light ultraviolet bulbs
Brand Name: LightS
Model: LS1888A-20W
Weight: 0.8kg
Rated Power: 20W
Voltage: DC24V
Application: Sterilization
Type: Germicidal UV Light
Wavelength: 222nm
Color: Ultravoilet, White
Working time: 5000hours
Material: UVC Light
Main Parts: Charging cable
Warranty(Year): One year

Product Details

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portable uv sterilizer lamp

uv desinfection lamp

Product Specifications

mini uv ozone sterilizer lamp

uv lamp hospital

Testing & Certificate 

mini led lampe uv

handheld uv lamp 

uv bactericidal lamps

uv light lamp for kill virus


uvc lamp uv germicidal lamp 30w

medical uv germicidal lamp

uv lamp portable germicidal lamp

uv lamp 60w


Q1: Is the portable uvc light harmful?

A: No. This germicidal uv led  is non-toxic, harmless, ozone-free and mercury-free.

Q2: What are the two most common types of uvc light sterilizer?

A: One is ultraviolet sterilization lamp with mercury lamp as light source, and the other is ultraviolet sterilization

lamp with LED lamp as light source.

Q3: Can UVC light prevent colds?

A: Yes, it can prevent colds. After all, most of our colds are caused by the invasion of viral bacteria.


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