Indoor Rental P4 Led Advertising Panel

Indoor Rental P4 Led Advertising Panel

Die casting aluminum box material is made of aluminum magnesium zinc alloy. More difficult to deformation, anti-corrosion, heat dissipation and prolong the service life of products.

Product Details

1. lighter and thinner is the goal we always pursue. Multifunctional connectors are fast, simple and convenient.

2. smart connectors, set up connections and slot fine-tuning in one function, all for convenience of customers only.

The whole version of Pearl box is used for isolation in the aviation box.

3. Better cushioning performance, safer transportation, but also customized air distribution cabinet, for mobile display troubleshooting, easy to follow, so that wonderful everywhere.

            FULL COLOR                                               P4 INDOOR MODULE

led number display

Product Parameter

Pixel Pitch
Pixel Density62500 dots/㎡
Pixel Configuration

3 in 1

Module Resolution64*32 dots

Module Size


Cabinet Size512*512mm
LED TypeSMD2121
Scan Mode1/16 s
Protection LevelIP43
Refresh Rate
1200 HZ
Brightness1500 cd/㎡


12 inch 7 segment led display

led display cabinet

led screen indoor

Independent Modularized Design

Screwless module and control box can be installed/uninstalled within 3 seconds from front side and back side,instant replacing and easy maintaining.

mini led screen

Renovated Lock System

MR 3rd generation lock sysrem,strong,fast and fine adjustable,designed for single person installation.

paper thin led screen

Full Installing Structure Solution

Installing LED display becomes a simple job by our ancillary structure such as standing/hanging bracket,backside support beam,etc.


used led screen

We have a professional team that provides professional design solution,installation details ,product spare parts and more.Very welcome to send us a message.

System installation

Syschronous control (computers and laptops)

indoor led screen price

⑴Convert many different image signals into acceptable signals for led sdreens

⑵Used for video switching,image stitching and image zooming.


led display cabinet

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