LS1828B-P5 Taxi Roof LED Display Digital Signs

LS1828B-P5 Taxi Roof LED Display Digital Signs

Item: LED Taxi Roof Display
Model NumberL: P5
Pixel Pitch: 5mm
Pixel Density(dots/m²): 40000
Pixel Configuration: RGB
LED Type: SMD3528
Module size(mm): 320*320
Module Resolution(dots): 64*64
Min.Viewing Distance(m): ≥5
Brightness(cd/m²): ≥3500
Viewing Angle(degree): ≤120°
Average Power Consumption(w/m²): 300-580
Scan Mode: 1/16
Protection Level: IP65
Cabinet Size(mm): 960*320

Product Details

P5 Taxi led display.jpg

Taxi Top LED Display.jpg

Taxi Top LED Display1.jpg

Taxi Top LED Display3.jpg


LED Taxi Roof Display

Model Number


Pixel Pitch


Pixel Density(dots/m²)


Pixel Configuration


LED Type


Module size(mm)


Module Resolution(dots)


Min.Viewing Distance(m)




Viewing Angle(degree)


Average Power Consumption(w/m²)


Scan Mode


Protection Level


Cabinet Size(mm)


Color Temperature

The brightness of adjustable according to software 100level;Color temperature is adjustable in terms of detailed requirements

Working temperature :

-20°C~80°C      Life Span: 100,000hours

Input Voltage

AC220 V/50HZ or AC 110V/60HZ

Control Type

3G/ WiFi /USB     Memory; 4G

Product Features

1) Outdoor LED Taxi Roof Display is Full color Display had variety data communications transferring, such as 3G, WIFI, USB,TCP/IP etc.

2) Original and vivid display effect will be seen in this scope with color excursion free and image distortion free.

3) Advertising forms: can display texts, images, video, etc.
4) Standard size: 960mm*320mm (also can be customized).

5) Air fan using turbine,and the efficiency of heat loss increased by 60%.
6) Improved the side box indicator lamps so that lighting effect for our taxi top advertising sign is more concentrated.

Taxi Top LED Display-4.jpgp5 led taxi roof display.jpg

Digital Taxi Tops.jpg

Taxi-Roof-LED-Display-packing 1.jpg

Digital Taxi Tops-3.jpg

LED Taxi Roof Display.jpg


Important Knowledge of LED Display

1. How do virtual LED screens work?

Below you can clearly see how the virtual pixels are made, we surely recommend you a virtual display, even so our new technology of Dot Matrix it’s still better than virtual pixels, because the three colors RGB are in the same dot or pixel, just like the SMD technology and also the Dot Matrix have a horizontal viewing angle of over 160 degrees. The virtual pixel LED screens have a horizontal viewing angle of upto 130 degrees.

2. What are Pixel Pitch, Pixel Density and Pixel Configuration?   

Pixel Pitch is the distance between neighboring pixels.

Pixel Density is the quantity of pixels per square meter.

Pixel Configuration is the description of the consistence of a pixel. For instance, we use 1 red lamp, 1 green lamp, and 1 blue lamp to compose a pixel, the pixel configuration is 1R1G1B.

3. What is the difference between real pixel LED screens and virtual pixel LED screens?

With the virtual pixel technology, the LED display will appear a more clear vision. Theoretically the resolution will be 4 times of a real pixel technology LED display.The difference of a real a virtual pixel LED screen of LED display can be seen in the next pictures.

4. Can we get support if we have our own market position?

Please inform us your detailed market demand,we will discuss and propose helpful suggestion for you,to find the best solution for you.

5. Can the LED table lamp be with eye-protection?



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