P 2.5 Led Video Indoor Display Led Display

P 2.5 Led Video Indoor Display Led Display

P2.5 indoor LED display product characteristics Ultra high brightness. Under the bright sunlight, the distance is still visible. The color uniformity of the display screen is super high, and the display screen is more delicate. The flatness of the module installation surface is controlled at + 0.2mm. Adopting multiple scanning technology and modularization design requirements, reliability and stability are higher. The circuit board adopts the wave soldering technology, has the green oil oxygen barrier layer, prevents the line from damp, oxidizes, enhances the service life. Say goodbye to the traditional lantern, using a new type of surface mount packaging and its packaging, display clearer color more stable, can achieve a single point of maintenance, more efficient and energy-saving.

Product Details

                                                            High value fashion

High-quality red-green-blue chips are used to encapsulate the surface mounted lamp beads in a single surface mounted lamp. The surface mounted lamp beads are evenly pasted on the front of the circuit board at a certain distance and fixed by welding. The back of the circuit board is pasted with electronic components such as drive and control. The finished circuit board is fixed and protected by a plastic package. This is the basic unit of the indoor LED display screen.

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       Ultra wide perspective brings you new experience.

The surface mounted lamp beads have a large viewing angle, and then are produced with high precision equipment and advanced technology. The unique anti-electromagnetic processing, distributed scanning technology and modular design make them more reliable and stable. The horizontal and vertical viewing angles are wider, stable and broadcasts.

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The super HD effect is clear and colorful.

Create a high dynamic contrast and high quality display effect, so that the black-and-white contrast of the screen is strong, distinct, to ensure the transparency and brightness of the screen.

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                 Our Product display effect          General product display effect

Good consistency of rubber pouring and leveling products

Adopt the top technology in the industry to fill glue, fill glue smooth, dust-proof and moisture-proof, to ensure the consistency of products.

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P2.5 indoor LED application area

First, advertising media. With its unique advantages, LED display has gradually replaced the traditional billboards, three-sided flip, light box, etc., and become a new force in the advertising media industry. Traditional advertisements can only play pictures, while LED display screen combines pictures, video, text and sound perfectly, and has the characteristics of high definition, high brightness, bright colors, distinct main body, novel design, vivid image, simple and lively. Advertising media led display mainly used in busy streets, shopping malls, square parks, buildings, landmarks, airports and other stations.

Two. Entertainment culture. The most widely used is the large LED screen in the background of stage and evening party. It can broadcast live and play back splendidly. It breaks the restriction of the seats and allows the audience far away from the stage to see clearly the performance on the stage. It creates a magnificent and appealing atmosphere. Combined with the high-quality sound effect, it gives a person a chance to play. Perfect visual feast. The main applications include all the evening party concerts, activities, theater theaters, TV stations, high-end * * * and so on.

Three, sports field. It is believed that the LED display screen of the main venues of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games will leave a deep impression on everyone. The function of the LED large screen of the stadium is to broadcast wonderful pictures of the venue, slow motion playback, and the display of specific scenes. The main application sites are football field led fence screen, Basketball Gymnasium LED funnel screen, swimming pool track and field LED time scoring screen, as well as a variety of sports venues wall or column LED display.

Four, traffic guidance area. On both sides of busy street intersection or highway, there will be traffic guidance LED display screen. These display screens are generally controlled by the control center, combined with other road condition monitoring equipment, automatically according to the road conditions to show the smooth or congestion information for travelers to choose the best route for reference.

Five. The special place of LED creative screen. Now almost every city has museums, science and technology museums and other places, and has a close relationship with high-tech products LED display. At present, LED creative screen application venues include Museum LED spherical screen, science and Technology Museum LED spiral and LED magic cube, children's Palace LED creative screen, space city LED drum screen, as well as art galleries, art galleries, experience galleries and other places.

In addition to these areas, LED displays will be used in more industries, as long as the need for display can be used anywhere.

Product parameters of indoor P2.5led display screen

ModelP2.5brightness1200Pixel density160000
Module Size160*160Best viewing distane


Average power220
Pixel spacing2.5mmRefresh rate≥1920Service life10W hours

When the LED display technology is combined with the film display screen, the film has entered a new era of "no projector". Super-clear display effect and rich color sense are all new visual experience brought by the LED display technology, allowing the audience to experience the extremely real audio-visual effect, as if in the scene of the film, subversive. The viewing experience has become another major milestone for the high-definition full-color LED large screen to integrate into people's daily life.


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Q1:How to choose a proper led screen for your need?

 A:You just need to think of 3 simple questions when you choose a led screen by yourself.

 1.Will you use it indoor or outdoor?

 2.Is it for rental use(need to be moved from one place to another place very often) or for fixed  installation(to be installed in one place forever)?

 3.what is the appoximate size of the led screen you would like to purchase?

Q2:Which pixel pitch should I choose?

A:There are many different pixel pitch from 1.667--20,25,30mm, there is a roughly principle-usually small pixel(1.667mm-10mm) used for indoor led screen, bigger pixel (10mm-30mm) used for outdoor led screen(for example high way huge advertisement).

Q3:Which control system should I choose?

A:There is both synchronous and asynchronous control system for led screen on the market,for big size led screen(usually more than 20sqm) need to use synchronous control system,below 20sqm it's up to you to use syn or asyn.But asyn control system's refresh rate is much lower than sync control system and for asyn control system, you can choose to use wifi,3G,4G etc wireless control.

Q4:How to order from you compamy?

A:You can both place order to us by alibaba online or to our company directly offline, before place  order welcome to contact us for confirmation.

Q5:How to pay?

A:We accept payment online through alibaba, or offline to our company account by T/T bank, or paypal or westerunion.

Q6:How to ship?

A:It is optional and we respect customer's choice. You can choose to ship by air cargo, by DHL(Fedex,UPS etc) internation express company, or by sea according to your goods weight and volume and the delivery time you need.

Q7:How to install it after I received it?

A:We will offer you the drawing to guide you for installation, we could also offer steel drawing, software set up drawing or photo or send our engineer fly to you for help if needed.

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Shipping Method 

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