P1.89 Indoor Rental LED Wall Display Mobile Screen for Spinning Stage Shows

P1.89 Indoor Rental LED Wall Display Mobile Screen for Spinning Stage Shows

Item: P1.89 Indoor Rental LED Wall Display Mobile Screen for Spinning Stage Shows
Model Number: P1.89
Pixel Pitch: 1.89 mm
Pixel Density(dots/m²): 279947
Pixel Configuration: 3 IN 1
LED Type: SMD1010
Module size(mm): 200×150
Module Resolution(dots): 106*79dots
Min.Viewing Distance(m): ≥1.89
Brightness(cd/m²): 800
Viewing Angle(degree): ≤120°
Average Power Consumption(w/m²): 240-480 W
Scan Mode: 1/ 26
Protection Level: IP20

Product Details




P1.89 Indoor Rental LED Wall Display Mobile Screen for Spinning Stage Shows

Model Number


Pixel Pitch

1.89 mm

Pixel Density(dots/m²)


Pixel Configuration

3 IN 1

LED Type


Module size(mm)


Module Resolution(dots)

106*79 dots

Min.Viewing Distance(m)




Viewing Angle(degree)


Average Power Consumption(w/m²)

240-480 W

Scan Mode

1/ 26

Protection Level


Iron Cabinet Size(mm)


Color Temperature

The brightness of R.G.B. is adjustable according to software 100level;Color temperature is adjustable in terms of detailed requirements

Input Voltage

AC220 V/50HZ or AC 110V/60HZ

Refresh Rate

LED screen refresh frame frequency recommended is no less than 1200HZ(recommended)


64g color(on the condition of 4096 gray scale)

Horizontal/Vertical viewing angle


Gray Scale

Recommended 14 BIT

Effective Communication Distance(without relay)

Unshielded twisted-pair net line transmission distance is 100 meters,max transmission distance is 130 meters.


≥100000 hours

Environment Temperature

Storage: -40°C~+85°C  
Operation: -20 °C~+45°C

Blind Spot Rate

<0.0001(led display industry standard is less than 0.0003)

Control Mode

Video frequency synchronization

Product Features

1) Rental LED screen High precision with seamless splicing .

2) P1.89 rental LED screen Assemble the screens without tools.

3) P1.89 rental LED screen indoor Ultra-light-Weighs only 8.5 Kg, very easy to operate.

4) No Blackout during Use: Reliable communication-level power supply and rational power distribution system lead to stable and safe operation.

5) P1.89 indoor video wall rental Flat and seamless construction

6) Long lifespan: Low-voltage power supply with high-efficiency causes little temperature rise, which helps to prolong the life of LED display in stable use.

7) Perfect Image: No flicker, no bright line or dark line ensures the LED display to take on more perfect image.




Important Knowledge of LED Display

1. Experienced&Professional

10 years manufacturing experience on LED displays, professional workmanship & design.

2. Best raw materials

 High quality,high brightness and long life span.

3. Competitive price

 100% factory price,competitive and reasonable price.

4. Strict quality control

 100% testing before packing , make sure our quality before delivery.

5. Quality gurantee

 Life span of LED display screens is more than 100,000 hours 

 All our LED displays have CE,FCC,RoHS certificates.


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