P3.91 Outdoor Rental Led Screen Display

P3.91 Outdoor Rental Led Screen Display

Product Description: Outdoor stage rental LED display P series box, suitable for model P3.91 and P4.81. Scope of application: The indoor and outdoor stages, TV studios, concerts, concerts, exhibitions, etc. need high-definition display, fast installation occasions.

Product Details

Feature and Advantage


1.High brightness Contrast:4000:1, which is a very high level to ensure a vivid image of our LED display screen system.

2. First-class LED chip: Supplied by Cree & other high strictly selected LED chip to ensure the long lift-time and high brightness of our LED display screen system.

3.Clear vivid image quality even in direct, full-on sunlight to ensure you attracts more audience to get short ROIof  your LED display screen's investment.

4.Long-term Brightness:More 7000-nit brightness(for outdoor full color)(2000 nits brightness for indoor full color)capacity throughout product lifetime of the LED display screen.

5.Easy Installation & Using: easy & simple installation interface and user friendly software to ensure the user friendly interface of the LED display screen system. 

6.Convenient Servicing: Front and rear cabinet access make the maintance work very convenient and low cost to help you concentrate more time and energy on your main marketing promotion business.

Product Parameter

Pixel Pitch
Pixel Density
Module Size250mm*250mm
Pixel Configuration


Module Resolution64*32dots
Scan Mode


Cabinet Size500*1000mm
Refresh Rate1200Hz

Product Details

led display screen

High quality aluminum alloy die-casting box.

Ultra high precision CNC process, machining accuracy <0.1mm.

led wall

Module maintenance before and after, easy to remove the fault. Modular design, quick replacement of power receiving card.

led board display

High grayscale high refresh design, refresh frequency is more than 1920Hz.

outdoor led screen

The bottom of the box is designed with a 4mm high anti-knock lamp step. Even if the box is tilted forward 10 degrees, the lamp beads will not touch the ground, which effectively realizes the protection of the lamp beads in the process of transportation.

led screen outdoor

Waterproof design is unique in face mask design, dustproof and K protection, and the protection level reaches P65.

led advertising screen

Product Packing

led outdoor display

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