P4 Rental Indoor LED Video Wall Display

P4 Rental Indoor LED Video Wall Display

Adopt outdoor special independent waterproof module and waterproof tank with excellent sealing. Don't worry about the unique mask design of water vapor erosion screen. Dust-proof, waterproof and corrosion-proof. Protective grade to IP65.

Product Details

The whole box can be pre-installed, pre-maintenance wall mounting LED small spacing solution, no maintenance channel, LED display can be installed close to the wall.

The module can be removed and installed quickly from the box, which is 5 times faster than the general box installation in the market.

Hanging wall fixed installation, directly with the old structure, perfect replacement of LCD, save time, labor and worry. 16:9 perfect ratio, 4 boxes 55 inches, can directly use the original LCD video source.

Dual backup of power supply, system card and aviation head socket, double signal input, automatic detection of signal integrity. When one power supply fails, another signal automatically intervenes to ensure the normal operation of the LED display.

The top and two sides concealed handle design, single hand and easy hand extraction box. The box is surrounded by leak proof strips to make the joints perfect.

Extreme precision, die casting aluminum box, perfect seamless, alignment groove + location pin design, foolproof.

Product Parameter

Pixel Pitch4mm
Pixel Density62500 dots/㎡
Pixel Configuration3 IN 1
Module Resolution64*32 dots
Module Size256*128mm
Cabinet Size512*512mm
LED TypeSMD2121
Refresh Rate1200 HZ

Product Description

led slim panel

Standard Cabinet Dimensions.

The ultra-lightweight cabinet made is aluminum-magnesium alloy which gives it extra strength. The cabinet of LED Screen Rental is designed with perfection, making it really easy to install. Also, the quick-lock feature requires no technical skills to install and uninstall.

flexible led panel

Indoor Cast Aluminium , Quick Assemble.

0.1mm gapline between 2 cabinets High technology design high flatness.


Low brightness with high gray level, more delicate display performance

Adopt high-quality LED blackbody SMD lamp with black mask, the contrast ratio is up to 3000: 1, and the picture is clearer and vivider;

led panel price

High contrast and high image quality.

High quality LED lamp with black body structure and black lamp mask to provide 3000:1 contrast and clearer and more bright-colored image

led video wall panel

High refresh rate outdoor LED ScreenRental ..

the display is stable, no ripples, no flicker, display real and natural.Small pitch LED display non-cable connectors have to improve the stability, easy installation,removal and maintenance.

Product Details


led pcb board

led menu board

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