P5 55 Inch Floor Standing 3G Outdoor Floor Advertising LED TV Display

P5 55 Inch Floor Standing 3G Outdoor Floor Advertising LED TV Display

Item: p5 77 Inch Floor Standing 3g Outdoor Floor Advertising LED TV Display
Model Number: P5
Pixel pitch(mm): 5
Pixel configuration: 1R1G1B
LED type: SMD3535
Size of module(mm): 160*160
Max consumption(module): ≤18W
Resolution of module: 32*32
Resolution of led screen: 224*320
size of led screen(mm): 1282*1908*95
Size of bottom case(mm): 1282*800*245
Best viewing distance: ≥5m
Max consumption(W): 1100w
Brightness: ≥6500cd/㎡

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Product Details




P5 77 Inch Floor Standing 3G Outdoor Floor Advertising LED TV Display

Model Number


Pixel pitch(mm)


Pixel configuration


LED type


Size of module(mm)


Max consumption(module)


Resolution of module


Resolution of led screen


size of led screen(mm)


Size of bottom case(mm)


Best viewing distance


Max consumption(W)




Diver type


Color of led screen


communication method

WEB platform release, non-linear editing system, the advertising industry-specific;
Access to various wireless networks, WIFI standard interfaces; versatile wireless 4G + 3G + 2G + WIFI

Play content

Supports a variety of video file formats, GIF animation, FLASH animation, pictures, TXT files, forms, etc., to meet the various display requirements

Product Features

1) Support classified user management,scrolling marquee,and programs can be updated through USB memory.

2) Support updating programs from distance,and manage terminal setting,program editing.

3) Support slitting screen into several smaller window,playing different advertisement.

4) Inserting and timed displaying,cycle playing,playing time can be regulated to any second through remote control,all programs can be played at specific time and order.

5) Monitoring terminal-machines working condition,disk space,also set the time of power on/off from long distance.




Important Knowledge of LED Display

1.  What’s your leading time?

The leading time usually will be 3-4 weeks, which depends on the total quantity and if there has special 

requirement or not.

2. How long will the installation to get ready?

It depends on the whole project process, normally it will take one week to make everything get ready.

3. What’s the score system you recommend?

The score system now we recommend is for international standard, including: FIFA,NCAA,American football,


4. Is there any MOQ if I want to put one order?

Yes, you are right there has MOQ coz normally the mesh screen size will over 100 sqm, so, we kindly

request the MOQ will be 100sqm, if you have any difficult, pls let us know without hesitation as well.

5.  Is there any special issue between the standard led display and led perimeter/scoreboard?

The difference including:The mast of perimeter/scoreboard is soft, the cabinet has extra support from backside,

 the refresh rate is super high, and normally it will request fiber and fiber converter,also needs the scoreboard system.


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