P5 Free Standing LED Display Boards for Sale

P5 Free Standing LED Display Boards for Sale

Item: P5 Free Standing LED Display Boards For Sale
Model Number: P5
Pixel pitch(mm): 5
Pixel configuratin: 1R1G1B
LED type: SMD3528
Size of module(mm): 160*160
Max consumption(moudle): ≤15W
Resolution of module: 32*32
Resolution of led screen: 128*256
size of led screen(mm): 715*1600*95
Size of bottom case(mm): 715*800*245
Best viewing distance: ≥5m
Max consumption(W): 480w
Brightness: ≥3000cd/㎡
Diver type: 1/8

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Product Details

free standing LED signs



P5 Free Standing LED Display Boards For Sale

Model Number


Pixel pitch(mm)


Pixel configuratin


LED type


Size of module(mm)


Max consumption(moudle)


Resolution of module


Resolution of led screen


size of led screen(mm)


Size of bottom case(mm)


Best viewing distance


Max consumption(W)




Diver type


Color of led screen


communication method

WEB platform release, non-linear editing system, the advertising industry-specific;
Access to various wireless networks, WIFI standard interfaces; versatile wireless 4G + 3G + 2G + WIFI

Play content

Supports a variety of video file formats, GIF animation, FLASH animation, pictures, TXT files, forms, etc., to meet the various display requirements

Product Features

1) Support picture playing against background music function.

2) Remote terminal control and complete internet management.

3) LAN or WAN connection via Ethernet,wifi and 3G.

4) Screen splits to show video,flash,picture,scrolling text weather and webpage.

5) Free switching between split screen and full screen displaying.




Important Knowledge of LED Display

1. What's the control system?

 For synchronization control: We use Nova, Linsn Or Colorlight control system.

 For  asynchronous control: We use Onbon, or Xixun control system.

2. How can i place an order?

Please inform your requirements as clear as possible. So we can send you the offer ASAP.it is better to contact

 us with Skype/email /phone within project begining, in case of any delays.

3. What kind of display we provide?

 We have indoor/outdoor/mobile LED /rental LED display /LED stage/LED Dance Floor/Irregular LED display/stadium

 LED Display for you choose.

4. What about the lead time for order?

Always: 3-20 days, as your order quantity, sometimes we have stock, can delivery within 7 days

5. How about the warranty ?

1-3 years warranty.


To receive a catalog,pricing information and a sample of a sign for your needs,just leave an Inquiry to get a Quick Quotation by those contact way.

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