P5 Indoor Full Color Flexible LED Screen Panel for Sale

P5 Indoor Full Color Flexible LED Screen Panel for Sale

Item: Flexible LED Screens
Model Number: P5
Pixel Pitch: 5mm
Pixel Density(dots/m²): 40000
Pixel Configuration: RGB
LED Type: SMD3528
Module size(mm): 320*160
Module Resolution(dots): 64*32
Min.Viewing Distance(m): ≥5
Brightness(cd/m²): ≥1000
Viewing Angle(degree): ≤120°
Average Power Consumption(w/m²): 300-750
Scan Mode: 1/16
Protection Level: IP21

Product Details

PS FLEXIBLE led sign



Flexible LED Screens

Model Number


Pixel Pitch


Pixel Density(dots/m²)


Pixel Configuration


LED Type


Module size(mm)


Module Resolution(dots)


Min.Viewing Distance(m)




Viewing Angle(degree)


Average Power Consumption(w/m²)


Scan Mode


Protection Level


Cabinet Size(mm)


Color Temperature

The brightness of R.G.B.is adjustable according to software 100level: Color temperature is adjustable in terms of detailed requirements

Working temperature

-20°C~80°C      Life Span : 100,000hours

Input Voltage

AC220 V/50HZ or AC 110V/60HZ

Control Type

3G/ WiFi /USB

Product Features

1) LED flexible panel Soft PCB Board

2) Flexible LED screens Fixed with Magnetic Foot

3) Easy to assemble to different shape, inner arc, outer arc and right-angled LED sign

4) Fast connect data and power cable, front maintainable.

P5 arc/ round/ irregular Indoor LED Sign Module Parameters:

5) LED Type: SMD3528

6) Pixel Pitch:  5mm

7) Pixel Configuration: 1R1G1B

8) Module Size: 320*160mm




Important Knowledge of LED Display

1. How many panels can sending unit control?

The sending units is capable of controlling up to 1024 pixels (or 16 panels of 20mm) wide by 512 pixels (or 4 panels of 20mm) tall.

2. Maximal Power Consumption for LED displays

There are two types of driving methods for LED displays, which is the constant static driving method and the scan driving method. First let's explain how to calculate the maximal power consumption and average power consumption of a pitch 16mm LED display using constant static current driving.

3. What are Real, Actual and Virtual Pixel Pitches?

A virtual pixel pitch was a term associated with older LED screen technologies that shared LEDs to create virtual pixels. While this sounds impressive it didn’t really improve the picture greatly. A virtual pixel pitch is half the real or actual pixel pitch. So a virtual 10mm pixel pitch LED screen is actually a 20mm pixel pitch LED Screen.

4. What is the difference between an LED TV and LED Screens?

An LED TV (or LED backlit LCD) is a standard LCD monitor (like a flat screen LCD television or computer monitor) with LEDs positioned behind the LCD instead of a standard light source. It’s a little misleading so watch out!

5. Why use an LED Screen instead of an LCD Screen?

LED screens are a completely different technology to LCD screens, designed for a different purpose. LCD screens are designed primarily for indoor close viewing on a small scale. LED screens are designed for large scale, high impact projects that can be used outdoors in bright sunlight.


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