P7.81 Magic Window Transparent Glass LED Screen

P7.81 Magic Window Transparent Glass LED Screen

LED transparent screen adopts surface mount device SMD technology, the design is not limited by the structure of the box, can be customized according to the stage shape, and the transparency and lightness of the LED display body make the overall picture depth become longer, which is beneficial to the LED transparent screen. The stage effects render and bring the atmosphere to the perfect expression of the stage theme.

Product Details

     1. This system does not require projection assistance, direct independent imaging

     2. Touch optional, you can customize the touch transparent screen or you can choose not to touch the transparent screen; the same sense of body

     3. More creative, more technological elements, can be called a new generation of intelligent digital signage

     4. The overall style is simple and fashionable, and the temperament is elegant, showing the extraordinary brand charm.

     5. Open interface, can integrate a variety of applications, can record and record the playback time, playback times and playback range of multimedia content, and achieve stronger human-computer interaction function while playing, giving people a A new human-computer interaction experience. Bringing opportunities for creating new media and new ways of display

     6. Energy saving and environmental protection, its power consumption is only about one tenth of ordinary liquid crystal display

     7. Flexible playback content, no time limit

     8. Can use ordinary ambient light to meet the backlight demand, reduce the power consumption by 90% compared with the traditional LCD screen, and be more environmentally friendly.

Product Parameter

Pixel Pitch 7.81 mm
Pixel Density8192 dots/㎡
Pixel ConfigurationSMD3528
Module Size250*250 mm
Module Resplution32*32 dots
Cabinet Size(mm)500*1000 mm
Protection LevelIP43
Lifespan100000 hours
Refresh Rate1200HZ

Product Details

Hyper crystat                                            The weight of product is 15kg/㎡               Ultra power saving,electricity is

The penetration ration of                          competely satisfies the load demand        only 1/3 of the conventional screen.

product over 60 percent                           of glass screen.

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Polymethyl methacrylate and                   U-shaped kayser,sability                 

superabsorbent,composite material         analysis of structures,can                   Uitrathin

patience is strong,stretch resistance.        be installed quickly.                           The thickness is only 9mm.   

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High quality position in connecting key.

U-shaped connect mask precise flatness control.

PCB organic glass structure.

High ash high brush LED guide plate.

Seamless aplice.Without perpheral structure.

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  1. The connection port link glass screen to the other one.

  2. Push up connecting key.

  3. Insure open hole aligument two display.

  4. Drop lock joint bolts.

  5. Back connection of display.

  6. Front connection effect of display. 




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