Ultra Light And Ultra Thin Glass Led Display

Ultra Light And Ultra Thin Glass Led Display

1. extreme, simple, bright, brilliant, intelligent. 2. ultra transparent intelligent high refresh cool energy saving The passing rate can reach 95%, light transmission and ventilation can not affect daylighting and sight. 3. fixed stores such as shopping malls, airports, hotels, auto 4S stores, luxury brand shops of various products, etc. The wiring is neat, more beautiful, safer and simpler in appearance.

Product Details

Ultra high transparency

At the highest pixel, the transparency is as high as 75%-95%, and the screen is almost invisible at five meters.

Modular design

According to the best pixel standard of the project, the standard screen size can be spliced into the corresponding large screen. The transparent LED module design and simple bracket structure make the big screen structure more clear and transparent.

Easy to assemble and debug

You can quickly and easily fix the modules on the scaffold directly, and you can also customize the installation. The groove design behind the module makes the connection more convenient.

Light and easy to transport

Including all the structures and power supplies, it weighs only 12 kilograms per square meter, half the weight of a traditional screen. Lightweight features not only make the screen look compact, but also save transportation and warehousing costs.

High brightness and low energy consumption

Not only does LED consume less energy than projection and LCD screens, but the high brightness of the screen ensures that images are still visible in daylight.

Easy maintenance and update

When a LED lamp is broken, there is no need to replace the whole module. Only a group of light bars are needed. The maintenance is completed indoors, with high efficiency and low cost.

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Product Peatures

led display board price

Product Parameter

Pixel Pitch(mm)7.81
Pixel Density(dots/㎡)8192
Pixel Configuration
Module Resolution(dots)32*32
Module Site(mm)250*250
Cabinet Site(mm)500*1000
Power consumption(w)300-500
Refresh Rate1200HZ

Our Advantages

01 Refresh Rate

flexible led display

02 Gray Scale

led screen outdoor p8

03 Contact

p6 led screen

Our Case

p4 led screen

Product Packaging

           Rental led panel                    Fixed installation led screen                     Led module


                 Flight case                                 Wooden case                                        Carton

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