Outdoor Led Billboard Advertising Panel

Outdoor Led Billboard Advertising Panel

The inside of the module is connected by gold-plated technology with good transmission performance. The polarity of the lamp is higher, and the brightness is higher. High protection, dustproof, waterproof and electricity leakage prevention Protection level before and after IP65 Box special guide flume The panel is covered with glue to cover the circuit module to ensure no worries.

Product Details

1. Strong applicability: Our company specializes in outdoor environment research, and the results are applied to the design system, making its products in outdoor environment in a variety of harsh environment adaptability and reliability have been significantly improved.

2. Rich colors: It consists of three primary colors (red, green, blue) display pixels, red, green, blue 256 levels of gray constitute 16.7M color, so that the electronic screen to achieve rich color display, high saturation, high resolution, high frequency of dynamic images.

3, high brightness: the use of ultra high brightness LED, under the bright sunlight is still visible far away.


pixel pitch(mm)568
pixel density(dots/㎡)40000277771562510000
module resolution(dots)32*3232*32                     32*16
module size(mm)160*160192*192256*128320*160
cabinet size(mm)960*960960*9601024*1024960*960
power consumption                                     550-900 w
protection level                                          IP65
lifespan                                    100000 hours


led display cabinet

                             Transfer your data using LAN connection

led screen indoor

     Transfer your data to USB/PenDrive using our software and plug USB n the sign

What kind oe content can i show on the sign?

We have several content items that you can configura and play on our LED video sign.


Video in any format               Add your logo and other images           Display your own messages to   

can be played                       to create more visual impact and          promote specific products,welcome 

                                              reinforce your messeges                      visitors,or display event information

                                                                                                           and updates      

mini led screen

Display date time count         Add animation in the text make           Display your own internal data from    

timer                                       in more attractive,make it look            a database or Excel file

                                               like neon glow sign and 3D effects 


led screen indoor

p5 outdoor SMD 160*160mm     p6 outdoor SMD192*192mm         p8 outdoor DIP 156*128mm

mini led screen

        p8 outdoor SMD                    P10 outdoor DIP 160*160mm                 p10 outdoor DIP 320*160mm


paper thin led screen

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