P10 Outdoor Led Advertising Display Screen

P10 Outdoor Led Advertising Display Screen

1. Excellent effect: using dynamic scanning technology, the picture is stable, no noise, the image effect is clear, the animation effect is vivid and diverse; the video effect is smooth; 2. rich in content: can display text, graphics, images, animation, video information 3. high efficiency and energy saving: promote low carbon, green and environmental protection, LED display is moving towards more energy-saving direction

Product Details

P10 Outdoor Led Advertising Display Screen

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 Certainly the best option for outdoor advertising, thisrental LED display carries some features that make it highly suitable for outdoor areas. It can work in different brightness level and outdoor circumstances. Rental led display can also be used at stage, bank, promotion, exhibition, station, KTV, stadium, airport and other outdoor places.

High Gray Scale - Better Picture


              The Indoor LED Display is manufactured by using best quality material, purchased from most reputed vendors. The final products feature supreme quality and offers best outputs. High refresh rate and gray scale ensures the picture quality remains seamless. 

High IP Rating IP65 - Safe and Reliable


The special waterproof design of  LED Screen protects it from water and dust. When installed in outdoor areas, protection is a serious matter. Special guard protects it from environment dangers. High IP Rating IP65 ensures great quality outputs in every condition.

Packing & Delivery

For Iron cabinet of indoor and outdoor LED display screens, we use wooden case to pack,
For die-casting aluminum cabinet of LED rental stage display screen, we use flight case to pack.
One wooden case include 2 cabinets, one flight case include 6 die casting aluminum cabinets
By air or by sea! FOB or CIFimage

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