Shenzhen Professional Brightness P12 Outdoor LED Electronic Display

Shenzhen Professional Brightness P12 Outdoor LED Electronic Display

pixel pitch(mm):12 pixel density (dots/㎡):6944 pixel configuration:1G1R1B module resolution:(dots(W)*dots(H)):16*16 module size(mm*mm):192*192 LED type:DIP346 brightness(cd/㎡):6500-7000 cabinet size(mm*mm):960*960 average power consumption(w):350-700 protection level:IP65 Gray scale:14 BIT recommended

Product Details

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Using Range

  1. Widely used in large venue、stadiums、bank、government、

  2. terminal、dock、station、stock market、medical systems、

  3. electricity、exhibition etc.

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Product Features

  1. Ultra HD display、high-precision seamless、

  2. accurate to 0.1mm gap

  3. New design、meet the requirement of lifting, stacking、

  4. meet the requirement of indoor&outdoor

  5. Ultra-high refresh rate、can support video shooting、

  6. clear picture quality assurance

  7. Quick and easy assembly、removing Systemsave loading time

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