Shenzhen Super Thin HD P6 Floor Standing LED Screen Display

Shenzhen Super Thin HD P6 Floor Standing LED Screen Display

Pixel pitch(mm): 6 Pixel configuratinL: 1R1G1B LED type: SMD3528 Size of module(mm): 192*192 Max consumption(moudle): ≤12W Resolution of module: 32*32 Resolution of led screen: 178*384 size of led screen(mm): 1060*2320*95 Size of bottom case(mm): 1060*800*245 Best viewing distance: ≥6m Max consumption(W): 980w Brightness: ≥3000cd/㎡

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Universality: The application of advertising machine is very extensive, can be used in large-scale commercial super, club, Square, hotel, government organization and family. The advertisement content is time-sensitive, the renewal speed is quick, the content can change at any time replace

Changes: LED light source can use red, green, blue three-color principle, under the control of computer technology to make three colors with 256 levels of gray and arbitrary mixing, that is, produce 256 256 color, the formation of different light color of the combination of changeable, to achieve a variety of dynamic change effects and various images

Time Domain: Advertising machine can be beyond the time constraints and space restrictions on advertising dissemination, so that advertising out of space-time restrictions on advertising dissemination, media companies will be more time to broadcast advertising, and advertising machine every day and anytime 24 hours standby

Multimedia: Advertising machine design can spread a variety of media information. such as words, sounds, images and other information, so that ignorant and uninteresting abstract ads become more vivid and humane. And give full play to creativity and initiative

Advanced: Advertising machine before the traditional mode of advertising, such as traditional flyers, newspapers and so on, and advertising machine with environmental protection, energy-saving, multi-directional to provide a wide range of communication, vulnerable to the vast number of groups accepted

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If you're looking for the shenzhen super thin hd p6 floor standing led screen display made in China, please rest assured to wholesale the screens with our professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. They are all made in our professional factory and are sold at low price.
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