Outdoor P10 Single Color LED Display

Outdoor P10 Single Color LED Display

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Single Red

Model Number


Pixel Pitch


Pixel Density (dots/m²)


Pixel Configuration


LED Type


Module size(mm)


Module Resolution(dots)


Min. Viewing Distance(m)




Viewing Angle(degree)


Average Power Consumption(w/m²)


Scan Mode


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wireless led display board

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Full color LED display mainly consists of several major components:

1, the external large frame structure: the role is to carry parts, so that parts complete a full color LED display auxiliary material, is also indispensable.

2, the display unit module: LED display screen that is a piece of the screen.

3, scan control circuit board: the role of data buffer, resulting in a variety of scanning signals and control signals.

4, the power switch: the AC power into a DC switching power supply.

5, the transmission cable: the main console to transfer data to the full color LED display above the conductor.

6, the main console: control and send a variety of signals.

7, the video processor: deal with the transmission of video data, can handle live video.

8, computer and peripherals: such as: computer, U disk, radiator and so on.

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P10 Single Color LED Advertising Digital LED Sign Display Screens

P10 Single Color LED Advertising Digital LED Sign Display Screens

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