China Factory Energy Efficient Innovative Indoor High Resolution P2.5 Led Slim Panel Led Display Screen Price Sign

China Factory Energy Efficient Innovative Indoor High Resolution P2.5 Led Slim Panel Led Display Screen Price Sign

Product Description 1. Lightweight. Convenient in transporting and installing & saving labor cost, suitable for flow shows. 2. Nice appearance and simple structures. 3. Jointed correctly, being installed & dismounted by one person without tool. 4. Humanized operating interface with...

Product Details

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Product Description

1. Lightweight. Convenient in transporting and installing & saving labor cost, suitable for flow shows.
2. Nice appearance and simple structures.
3. Jointed correctly, being installed & dismounted by one person without tool.
4. Humanized operating interface with breakdown indicator lights, easy to maintain.
5. High debugging brightness and no damage to gray scale, achieving the debugging technology for nice image.

Technical specification:




 Pixel Pitch


 Cabinet Resolution(W*H)


 Pixel Configuration

1R1G1B(in 3 n 1)

LED Encapsulation

 SMD Black 2121

 Pixel Density

160000 Pixel

Driving Method

 1/32 Scan 

 Refresh Frequency

 ≥1920Hz(Support High refresh rate, depend on the system configuration)

 Driver IC

SUM2017/MBI 5124

Grey Scale

≥16Bit(depending on the system and IC configuration)

Cabinet Size


White balance Brightness



 Conference Concert Stage Event Led Video Wall

Dual data connection

There is optional data connecting port on cabinets under rear box, you can use it if

standard one fails.

p2.5 rental led sign.jpg

Sleek & Slim design 

The cabinet is slim and rear design is smooth edged surface that makes you handle


led rental cabinet sign.jpg

Strong Locks for hanging installation

The cabinets locks are smooth edged, easy handling and strong

that you can hang up to 20pcs cabinet in vertical.

locks of led cabinet sign.jpg

If you're looking for the china factory energy efficient innovative indoor high resolution p2.5 led slim panel led display screen price sign made in China, please rest assured to wholesale the screens with our professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. They are all made in our professional factory and are sold at low price.
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