Interactive 3D Led Dance Floor Panels P6

Interactive 3D Led Dance Floor Panels P6

Item: Interactive 3D Led Dance Floor Panels P6
Model Number: P6
Pixel Pitch: 6mm
Pixel Density(dots/m²): 27777
Pixel Configuration: RGB
LED Type: SMD2727
Module size(mm): 192*192
Module Resolution(dots): 32*32
Min.Viewing Distance(m): ≥6
Brightness(cd/m²): ≥4500
Viewing Angle(degree): ≤140°
Average Power Consumption(w/m²): 350-600
Scan Mode: 1/8
Protection Level: IP65

Product Details

LightS P6 Led Dance Floor Panels

led dance floor

intercrative led dance floor

dance floor led

Pixel Pitch6mm
Pixel Density(dots/㎡)27777
Module Size(mm)192mm*192mm
Module Resolution(dots)32*32
LED TypeSMD2727(3 IN 1)
Brightness( cd/㎡)>4500
Scan Mode1/8
Cabinet Size(mm)960mm*960mm
Average Power Consumption(W/㎡)350-600
VoltageAC220v/50Hz Ac110v/60Hz
Protection Level


Lifespan100000 Hours
Refresh RateLED screen refresh frame frequency recommended is no less than 1920HZ(recommended)
Color64g color( on the condition of 4096 gray scale)
Horizontal/Vertical View Angle(degree)140°

Color Temperature

The brightness of adjustable according to software 100level; Color temperature is adjustable in terms of detailed requirements
Gray Scale14 BIT  Recommended
Effective Communication Distance(without relay)Unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) net line transmission distance is 100 meters, max transmission distance 130 meters

LED dance floor


What is Interactive Led Dance Floor Screen?

Interactive Led Dance Floor Screen principle: The principle of Interactive Led Dance Floor Screen is based on the LED Dance Floor Screen, adding the sensor interaction function. The LED tile display is equipped with a pressure sensor or a capacitive sensor or an infrared sensor. When the person moves on the floor screen, the sensor can sense the position of the person and feedback the trigger information to the main controller. Then the main controller logic After the judgment, the corresponding display effect is output. For example, by means of infrared sensing, it is possible to track the movement trajectory of a person, and to follow the activity of the human body to present an immediate picture effect, thereby achieving effects such as an actor and an audience passing through, a ripple of water under the feet, and an open flower.

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