Waterproof Moving Led Display P6 For Bus

Waterproof Moving Led Display P6 For Bus

Product Description The advantages of portable waterproof bus led advertising display aga inst plastic display or dull led text display 1. Displaying supra bright, high impact, high resolution, full color photo or graphic, animation or video in many display effects. 2. It can be seen around the...

Product Details

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Product Description


The advantages of  portable waterproof bus led advertising display against plastic display or dull led text display

1. Displaying supra bright, high impact, high resolution, full color photo or graphic, animation or video in many display effects.

2. It can be seen around the bus under broad daylight from a short distance or afar.

3. It’s GPS equipped for narrow-casting to a targeted demographic area .

4.Adopts GPS and 3G system to ensure the users program the LED display easily with friendly software interface.

5. Capable of displaying text, JPEG, BMP, GIF, AVI, MPEG, and other popular formats in 16.7 million full color and over  60 display effects.

6.super wide viewing angle and target advertising for a more flexible and dynamic ad campaign. 

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The screen provides customers with up-to-the-minute schedules, destination information and advertising viewed from square, park and hall. It guides patrons with 6 mm pixel spacing for clear text which is legible from a wide range of viewing distances. Due to its robust design and IP65 industrial-strength cabinet, the rain and dust-resistant BS-2060 can be installed and easily maintained in outdoor locations such as rail platforms. The BS-2060 features wired, fiber optic and wireless communication options – making the display an ideal solution for public places applications. 

Features and  Benfits:

› Supports a wide range of character sizes and will meet ADA requirements
› IP65 rating allows the cabinet to withstand extreme weather conditions, dust and corrosive environments
› Application of conformal coating to all electronic components provides protection from harsh environmental conditions
› RS232 or Ethernet (wired or fiber) communication options allow for flexible installation
› A pixel test allows central control the ability to monitor LED status
› In the event of communication loss to the display, the sign has the ability to be configured to blank. 

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Technical Specifications:

Pixel pitch: 6 mm (0.24") center-to-center
Color capability: Monochrome (amber) or full-color (RGB)
LEDs per pixel: 1 amber or 3-in-1 RGB
Estimated LED lifetime: 100,000+ hours
Viewing angle: 120° 
Contrast enhancement: Contrast enhancing polycarbonate face with 5 degree face tilt
Service access: Front access 
Graphic capability: Text, graphics, logos, multiple font styles and sizes
Power: 120 or 240 VAC single phase 
Display dimming: 99 levels (automatic or manual control)
Communication options: RS232 and Ethernet (wired or fiber), Wifi, 3G, Remote control


Promotion Updates
Boost knowledge and revenue at the same time with promotional advertising. When agency logos are paired with information riders desire, such as ticketing specials, new programs or agency updates, passengers feel in charge of their purchasing power. Not only does this boost branding opportunities and generate top-of-the-mind awareness, revenue generation increases with passenger participation in savings programs. 
It’s not all about being practical though, either. Agencies want to look their best. Full-color imagery shows a desire to provide top notch services for years to come with future-proof technologies. Riders feel a sense of safety that their agency is going to take care of them. 
They’ve taken the initiative to invest for the long term. 

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Ad campaigns
controller is driven to fulfill its commitment to our clients’ needs. As such, we will use our unique technology to promote your product, respected brand name, or ad campaign in a highly effective manner.
Our advertising clients find the advertisements attractive, effective, and engaging.

Bus Ad Campaigns

The displays on the bus travelling around the city make your product and brand spread over the city. 

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Metro Info Diffusion
Full-color displays provide the best means possible to depict colorcoded mass transit route/line schedules. End-users clearly see which line to take and travel information associated with it, such as delays, cancellations or service disruptions. When customers feel well informed and in charge of their commuting decisions, they show loyalty, translating to increased ridership for agencies. 

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What we do for you:

Extreme product testing
The product reliability lab provides our engineers the information needed to design and build tough-rated products made from high quality parts. We use a wide variety of systems and testing equipment, ensuring the longevity of our products. 

Environmental simulator
Our lab technicians place entire displays through this massive 4,500 cubic foot chamber to test its durability through blistering heat, freezing temperatures and humidity. 

Highly accelerated life testing chamber
Combining environmental variables, such as temperature shock and vibration, stresses the product to the point of failure to determine the product’s functioning limits. 

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Water intrusion
High-pressure water jets drench displays to test how well enclosures protect internal components and ensure performance against moisture. 

Salt fog
A 5% salt solution and sweltering heat up to 95° F (35° C) gauge a display’s ability to withstand the corrosive effects of coastal air.

All our products have got the ISO9001 and CCC, FCC, CE certified. All our products come off of our production line. We have a strict QC system to keep all the product quality and reliable. 

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With near 6 years of LED display designing and manufacturing experience. 

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P5 Outdoor Full Color Used LED Bus Signs

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