Led Taxi Cab Top Lights P4

Led Taxi Cab Top Lights P4

Item: Led Taxi Cab Top Lights P4
Model Number: P4
Pixel Pitch: 4mm
Pixel Density(dots/m²): 62500
Pixel Configuration: RGB
LED Type: SMD2727
Module size(mm): 320*160
Module Resolution(dots): 64*32
Min.Viewing Distance(m): ≥4
Brightness(cd/m²): ≥4000
Viewing Angle(degree): ≤140°
Average Power Consumption(w/m²): 300-750
Scan Mode: 1/4
Protection Level: IP65

Product Details

LightS P4 Taxi Top Led Display

led taxi top display

p4 led taxi top display

Led Taxi Cab Top Lights

Pixel Pitch4mm
Pixel Density(dots/sqm)62500
Module Size(mm)320mm*160mm
Module Resolution(dots)64*32
LED TypeSMD2727(3 IN 1)

Brightness( cd/sqm

Scan Mode1/8
Product Size(mm)1100*260*400
Average Power Consumption(W)300-750
VoltageAC220v/50Hz Ac110v/60Hz
Protection LevelIP65
Lifespan100000 Hours

Refresh Rate

LED screen refresh frame frequency recommended is no less than 1920HZ(recommended)


64g color( on the condition of 4096 gray scale)
Horizontal/Vertical View Angle(degree)140°

Color Temperatur

The brightness of R.G.B.is adjustable according to software 100level; Color temperature is adjustable in terms of detailed requirements
Gray Scale14 BIT  Recommended
Effective Communication Distance(without relay)

Unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) net line transmission distance is 100 meters, max transmission distance 130 meters

led taxi cab top lights

led taxi cab top lights




Maintenance of Common Problems of Led Taxi Cab Top Lights

1. The screen light but night light is not lit

The solution:

(1) Check whether the lamp line (middle yellow line) is loose to make sure that the wiring is correct, please open the screen.

(2) Check whether the soldering tin of the lamp line on the power supply in the screen is loose or not.

(3) Measuring whether the negative pole of the lamp line in the screen is connected with the negative pole of the transistor by the multimeter; 

(4) Determining whether the solder of the positive and negative poles on the transistor is loose; 

(5) Replacing the transistor, please.

2. The night light is on but the screen is not lit

The Solution:

Firstly, check whether the yellow line (12v) is loose and whether the safety pipe is burnt (if burnt, please replace it). After the above two methods are sure to be all right, the display screen must be dismantled to check the interior.

After the display screen is dismantled:.

First check whether the working light on the control card is on.

(2) If it's on, please check the problem of GPS: whether the GPS is working properly, whether the SIM card is valid (check whether it's online on the computer).

If not, use the multimeter to test whether the power output in the display is 5V. If yes, but the working light of the control card is not on, please change the card. If not or less than 4.8v, please change the power supply.

3. The display screen and night light are not on. Solutions:

(1)See if the black line is loose or not.

(2) Measuring whether black line and yellow line (12v) are short-circuited by multimeter

After both of the above methods are confirmed not problem, the display must be disassembled to check the interior.

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