P4.81 Indoor Rental Led Screen For Vocal Concert

P4.81 Indoor Rental Led Screen For Vocal Concert

Item: P4.81 Indoor Rental Led Wall Panels In India Price
Model Number: P4.81
Pixel Pitch: 4.81mm
Pixel Density(dots/m²): 43222
Pixel Configuration: RGB
LED Type: SMD2727
Module size(mm): 250*250
Module Resolution(dots): 52*52
Power Supply(w/㎡): 480-900w
Min.Viewing Distance(m): ≥4.81m
Brightness(cd/m²): ≥2500
Lifespan: 100,000hours
Refresh Rate: 1920Hz/s
Protecion Level: IP65

Product Details

P4.81 Indoor Rental Led Screen For Vocal Concert

Indoor Rental Led Screen    

rental led displayrental led displayrental led display    

Module Size(mm)                    


Module Resolution(dots)                    


LED Type                    

SMD2727(3 IN 1)                    

Brightness( cd/sqm                    


Scan Mode                    


Cabinet Size(mm)                    


Average Power Consumption(W)                    



AC220v/50Hz Ac110v/60Hz                    

Protection Level                    



100000 Hours                    

Refresh Rate                    

LED screen refresh frame frequency recommended is no less than 1920HZ(recommended)                    


64g color( on the condition of 4096 gray scale)                    

Horizontal/Vertical View Angle(degree)                    


Color Temperature                    

The brightness of R.G.B.is adjustable according to software 100level; Color temperature is adjustable in terms of detailed requirements                    

Gray Scale                    

14 BIT  Recommended                    

Effective Communication Distance(without relay)                    

Unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) net line transmission distance is 100 meters, max transmission distance 130 meters                    

   Indoor Rental Led ScreenRenatl led

Renatl led    

Indoor Rental Led Screen    

Indoor Rental Led Screen    

p4.81 indoor rental led    

Q1.  What's the connection between scan method with IC?

The ratio is lower scan method, more brightness, more power supply and more IC and more cost.

Q2.  I need to have aspect ratio 16:9.

Usually, that's ratio for LCD, let's try to get closer.

Q3.  The display will come to me in parts?and i have to install each part together?

Yes, but it's quite easy. We will send you the instruction and

also we can remote to help you to adjust the software, everything.

Q4.  What's the function of video processor?

It can tranfter the video source to make the screen performance more clear.

Sometimes there has HD camera, so that ther performance can show themselves on the screenas well.

Q5.  If buy second order for same series rental cabinet to combine a bigger screen, any problems?

Honestly, there will be a little difference.

Two reasons, one is the led lamps can not keep the exactly color if not in one batch of order.

Other, is even the led lamps are of the same batch, but some of Them have used for some times, but some of them have not used completely. So that's a little hard to get the colors calibrated correctly.      

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