High Brightness P8 Flexible High Definition Led Screen Board China Wholesale

High Brightness P8 Flexible High Definition Led Screen Board China Wholesale

Sunrise indoor full color led display: afford idea display solution for our clients.Various purposes such as for sports,events,and conventions, require flexibit,effective messaging systems. According to the using purpose ,the products be classified to stadium LED display,advertising LED...

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Sunrise indoor full color led display:

afford idea display solution for our clients.Various purposes such as for  sports,events,and conventions,

 require flexibit,effective messaging systems. According to the using purpose ,the products 

be classified to stadium LED display,advertising LEDdisplay,stage LED Display,curtain LED Display,

mobile LED Display,flexible LED Display.rental LED Display.

Seriesalready perform well in advertising,big celebration in China. And exported to Asia, Europe, 

South America, North America, Africa and Middle 

East and other regions.Sunrise indoor full color led display Special advantage:

1.LEDs. we select super led tips with high brightness, broad viewing angle

(H140degree, V140degree), all the LEDs are ageing for 72 hours before assembly,

 when in modules, also aging for 72 hours, after assembly into a screen, still aging 72 hours. 

so the final LEDs are aging at least for 216 hours, up to 9 days. 

2.Modules. we use 2R1G1B pixel configuration to realise high brightness. you may find

 some lower price suppliers but also same brightness. if you note,

maybe they use is 1R1G1B, in this case, can cut down much cost but also cut down the life of the display. 

why? because to reach the same brightness,

1R need more current, well for 2R display, each R just need half current. This just like one man and a team to take a  burden, A man just can undertake,

 but two more easily.  and our modules case is PVC, which is more durable and  have a stronger 

ability in bask, anti-ultraviolet and Difficult to deformation than Plastic ones. 

3.Cabinets. they are used in galvanized steel, anti-salt, anticorrosive  and waterproof.

4.Screen. use state-of-the-art LED drive IC-MBI5026, brightness can up to 8000cd/m2, live color video and 

vivid image with 256 grey level.for outdoor led displays, all of them are IP 65 and designed to withstand

 harsh environmental conditions, such as sun glare, heat, cold, and humidity.  you can see more details in the quotation.

5.Packing: anti-shaking wooden case, which is lighter than normal wooden case but more protective to the goods.

6. Spare parts for free.  our screen's scotoma rate is below 0.0002, but To prevent accidental, 

we provide some free spare parts according to the size of screen.

7. Warranty for 24 monthes.

8. Technology support: we have full hardware and software files available for all you need, we are here to working for you.




Technical ParameterPH4PH5PH6PH7.62PH8PH10
Viewing Angle140° /140°140° /140°140° /140°140° /140°140° /140°140° /140°
Pixel ConfigurationSMD 3IN1SMD 3IN1SMD 3IN1SMD 3IN1SMD 3IN1SMD 3IN1
Pixel Pitch4mm5mm6mm7.62mm8mm10mm
Pixel matrix per panel32*3232*3232*1632*1632*1632*16
Module Size128*128mm160*160mm192*96mm244*122mm256*128mm160*160mm
Display resolution625004000027777172221562510000
Cabinet size768*768*120mm960*960*120mm960*768*120mm976*976*120mm1024*768*120mm1280*960*120mm
Cabinet weight<35kg/m2<35kg/m2<35kg/m2<40kg/m2<40kg/m2<50kg/m2
Refresh Rate>300Hz/s>300Hz/s>300Hz/s>300Hz/s>300Hz/s>300Hz/s
Input power(max)900W/m2900W/m2900W/m21200W/m21300W/m2800W/m2
Input power(typical)650W/m2650W/m2650W/m2650W/m2650W/m2450W/m2
Driving type1/16 scan1/8 scan1/8 scan1/8 scan1/8 scan1/4 scan
Working temperature-20 degree ~70 degree
Working voltage190-250VAC/90-130VAC
Grey scale/colorRGB each 256 levels /16.7M
Operation humidity10%-95%
Input voltage5V
Input signalDVI, S-VIDEO, RGB,VGA and etc
Control systemControl cards + PCTV non-linear control card + DVI card optical fiber transmission(optional)
Life span>50,000 hours
Malfunction dot rateBelow 0.0001
Operating systemWindows 98/XP/2000, Vista
Control softwareLED studio

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P8 Flexible HD Indoor High Brightness LED Display Screen Panel

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If you're looking for the high brightness p8 flexible high definition led screen board china wholesale made in China, please rest assured to wholesale the screens with our professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. They are all made in our professional factory and are sold at low price.
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