2020 Global Tourism Revenue Loss Of 1.3 Trillion US Dollars

- Jan 31, 2021-

According to data released by the United Nations World Tourism Organization on the 28th, the new crown epidemic has led to a significant reduction in the number of global tourists. In 2020, the global tourism industry will lose 1.3 trillion US dollars in revenue, which has become the "worst year in the history of tourism."

   The World Tourism Organization said in a statement that last year the global tourism industry lost "11 times more" revenue than the 2009 financial crisis, and 100 to 120 million jobs directly related to the tourism industry are at risk.

  Data shows that the total number of global inbound tourists in 2020 will decrease by 1 billion compared with the previous year, a decrease of 74%. Among them, Asia and the Pacific decreased by 84%, the largest decline; Africa and the Middle East decreased by 75%; the European region "used a small-scale short-term rebound" last summer but fell by 70% throughout the year; the Americas decreased by 69%.

   The last time the number of global inbound tourists decreased was in 2009. Affected by the financial crisis, the number of inbound tourists worldwide decreased by 4% year-on-year.

   The World Trade Organization said that experts believe that global tourism activities will not return to the level before the outbreak of the new crown by 2023. When the tourism industry restarts, demand for outdoor tourism and nature tourism will rise, and domestic tourism will become more popular.

"A lot has been done to make safe international travel possible, (but) we know that this crisis is far from over." World Tourism Organization Secretary-General Zurab Pololikashvili said, "Test Anti-epidemic measures such as, tracking, and issuance of vaccination certificates need to be "coordinated, coordinated, and digitalized." These are the necessary foundation for promoting safe travel and preparing for the tourism industry to resume when conditions permit.

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