229 Students Diagnosed With COVID-19 In An Outbreak Of Cluster Infection In A School In India

- Feb 26, 2021-

Overseas Network, February 26. According to the Hindu newspaper, on the 25th local time, the local government of Maharashtra, India, notified a cluster of epidemics in a local school dormitory, and 229 students were diagnosed with new crown pneumonia. In addition, four school staff have also been diagnosed with the new crown. According to sources, 20 students from the school tested positive for the new crown last week, and then all 327 students were tested for the new crown virus.

   Recently, the number of new coronary pneumonia cases in Maharashtra has surged. The state reported on the 24th that there were 8,807 new cases in a single day, and a total of 2,121,119 confirmed cases; 80 new deaths, and the cumulative number of deaths rose to 51,937.

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