Affected By Brexit, Ghanaian Banana Exports To The UK Have To Pay Huge Tariffs

- Jan 26, 2021-

Affected by Brexit, a tariff of at least £100,000 will be imposed on bananas exported from Ghana to the UK. This not only threatens the livelihoods of banana growers, but also makes British importers miserable. The British "Independent" reported on the 24th that Ghana and the UK had reached a trade agreement on New Year's Eve (that is, before the end of the Brexit transition period), but this month they are still imposing huge tariffs on Ghana, causing dissatisfaction among people from all walks of life.

   It is reported that both Ghanaian banana exporters and British importers have suffered huge losses due to tariffs, with an estimated weekly loss of approximately US$20,000. Saidler, a British banana importer, said: "With such high additional costs, no company can continue to operate." George Clay, a Ghanaian banana exporter, said that he only learned on January 1 that the UK would still impose punitive tariffs even though the two countries signed an agreement. Clay said: “This kind of punitive tariffs obviously address the symptoms but not the root cause. The important thing is to find a solution as soon as possible so that we can reduce the burden.” He also said that if the tariffs continue for a few weeks, there will be more than 3,000 workers in the banana industry in rural Ghana. Will face unemployment.

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