Afghan Government Forces Killed 23 Militants In Air Strike

- Mar 04, 2021-

The Afghan military issued a statement on the 4th that the government forces killed 23 Taliban militants in an air strike.

   The statement stated that on the 3rd, government forces carried out air strikes on Taliban strongholds in the Kesar and Alma areas of Faryab Province, killing 23 Taliban militants, and at least 7 militants were injured in the airstrike.

   The Taliban are more active in some areas of Faryab Province, and they often clashed with government forces. The Taliban has not yet responded to the military's statement.

  The Afghan government and the Taliban launched peace talks in Qatar on September 12, 2020. Due to many differences, the negotiations progressed slowly. At the same time, the conflict between the two sides has not stopped. Taliban militants frequently attack the army, police, officials, and government agencies, and the government has not relaxed its attacks on militants.

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