Basic Requirements For The Use Environment Of LED Display

- Jan 06, 2020-

Basic requirements for the use environment of LED display

    From the process of using the electronic LED display, dust protection is also a very important part of the process: how to get better dust protection is an important aspect of updating the LED display technology.

    There are many optical elements in the electronic LED display. During our use, there will be a lot of dust in the air, and therefore we will enter the machine through some small spaces, which affect the normal operation of the screen light machine. The fragile part, the damage of the powder to the optical components.

 Too much dust will reduce the brightness of our screen If the electronic LED display is installed in a dusty environment, it is generally dusty and dusty, which will reduce the brightness by 30%. In severe cases, it may make the screen brighter. The brightness is reduced by 70%, so we have to find a way to make our system less dust during operation. If there is dust, we must remove it with the correct method as soon as possible.

LED screen

    Not only the LED electronic display industry, but also the order of public management and innovation in the social sector and even in society in various production sectors is a very important factor. Only by adhering to innovation, new developments in products and technologies are proposed, which may make companies And industry to achieve long-term progress and development.

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