Biden Resumes Travel Restrictions On Multiple Countries, Including Brazil, South Africa And Multiple European Countries

- Jan 26, 2021-

According to CNN, on the 25th local time, US President Biden signed an executive order to resume international travel restrictions during the new crown epidemic. Restricted countries include Brazil, Ireland, the United Kingdom and most European countries. In addition, Biden also extended the restrictions to tourists who have recently been to South Africa.


   According to previous reports, the White House press secretary stated at a briefing on January 25 that starting from January 26, international travelers from restricted countries travelling to the United States must provide airlines with a negative test for the new crown virus within 3 days before departure.

  On the penultimate day of the presidency, then President Trump issued an executive order announcing that from January 26, travel restrictions on certain countries will be lifted. But President-elect Biden’s transition team immediately stated that they will continue to implement these restrictions after taking office and will not let this executive order of the Trump administration take effect.

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