If There Are No Spectators In The Tokyo Olympics, 90 Billion Yen Will Be Lost

- Jan 23, 2021-

According to several sources in the Japanese government, due to the aggravation of the epidemic, the Japanese government is discussing the possibility of hosting the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games this summer without spectators. The plan is currently under discussion within the government.

   According to a report from Kyodo News Agency on January 22, the Japanese government is currently discussing the three options of "no audience", "unlimited" and "50%" audience. It is hoped that while giving priority to ensuring the safety of athletes and those involved in the Olympics, the Olympic Games will not be cancelled or postponed again, thereby reducing the negative impact on the Yoshihide Suga government.

   It is reported that government officials believe that the new crown epidemic is “difficult to quell before summer,” and it will become increasingly difficult to host the Olympics without a ceiling.

   On September 19 last year, the Japanese government relaxed the attendance of major events such as professional sports events to 50% of the capacity. However, as Japan once again issued an emergency declaration this month, the number of attendance standards for events in related areas has once again become strict-the upper limit is 5000 and less than 50% of the capacity.

   If it takes the form of an empty show, it is expected to lose 90 billion yen (about 5.6 billion yuan) in ticket revenue.

   IOC President Bach said in an interview with Kyodo News on the 21st that “there is no doubt that safety is the first priority”, and he did not deny the possibility of holding empty venues or limiting the number of spectators.

   The British "Daily Telegraph" reported that the International Olympic Committee is cooperating with the World Health Organization, hoping to vaccinate all Tokyo Olympic athletes, especially those whose countries have not started a mass vaccination plan. According to sources, there is no indication that athletes can be vaccinated prior to high-risk groups, but allowing athletes to "jump the team" may still cause moral controversy.

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