'Immense Night And Heroic Game' - Romanian Press React To 'speechless' Win Over Celtic In Champions League

- Nov 26, 2020-

"The Romanian champion had a fearless performance (mostly), playing against a really big team and in a stadium that rose to the expected level.

"An additional element that gives justice to the official from Cluj is the final score. CFR responded with a good game to adversity, did not give up mentally, returning twice, when he needed to score in the second half.

"Regardless of what will happen in the double with Slavia Prague, where it seems now that CFR is a favourite, Dan Petrescu's team have brought Romanian club football back to Europe, through the performance and the result obtained at Celtic Park.

"And for those who enjoy football in the country, yesterday's meeting will remain a landmark result (at least) in recent history. Our country still has things to offer in the sport."

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