Japanese Media: Overseas Audiences Will Be Barred From Entering Japan To Watch The Olympics

- Mar 04, 2021-

Xinhua News Agency, Tokyo, March 4 (Reporter Wang Zijiang) A number of Japanese media reported on the 4th that in order to ensure the safety of the Japanese public, Japan will not allow overseas audiences to enter the Tokyo Olympics.

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The Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee Chairman Hashimoto Seiko and the Japanese Olympic Minister Marukawa Suyo attended the five-party meeting with the participation of the International Olympic Committee President Bach. They said that the issue of whether overseas audiences can enter Japan to watch the Olympics will be held on 3. A decision is made at the end of the month.

   However, just before this meeting, Japan’s "Mainichi Shimbun" quoted insiders as saying that overseas audiences will be barred from entering the country. Many Japanese media, including the "Yomiuri Shimbun", disclosed this decision again on the 4th.

   "Yomiuri Shimbun" quoted an official who asked not to be named as saying that because the epidemic is still spreading in various countries (regions), the large-scale entry of overseas tourists will only aggravate the Japanese public's worry.

   Seiko Hashimoto told reporters the day before that she "personally" thinks that a decision should be made before the start of the torch relay on March 25. However, many media reports on that day believed that the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, the Japanese government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will "as soon as possible" notify the International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee of the decision to prohibit foreign tourists from entering the country.

   The chairman of the Tokyo Olympics Coordination Committee and a member of the International Olympic Committee from Australia, Coates, said in an interview with TV Tokyo that whether or not to allow overseas audiences to enter the country, the decision rests with the Japanese government.

   Kotz said: "I hope that the Japanese government will make the decision. I think they will make the decision later this month."

  Bach said in his speech before the start of the five-party meeting: "It is our responsibility to ensure the safety of everyone, including Japanese people and Tokyo residents."

   If overseas audiences cannot enter Japan, only Japanese audiences will appear in the Olympic schedule. As for the number of spectators allowed in each arena, Seiko Hashimoto said the day before that it will not be decided until the end of April. But she said that the Olympics could not be held "closed door" because the five-party talks did not involve the topic of "zero audience" at all.

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