Multifunctional Mini UVC Disinfection Lamp

- Jul 30, 2020-

Portable ultraviolet sterilizer essential health products for modern families

The product is suitable for:


1. Disinfect the dishes and chopsticks in the dining room.

2. Disinfection of tea sets and microphone song setters in entertainment places.

3. Disinfection of computer keyboard, mouse, telephone and mobile phone.

4. Sterilization of gynecology and special cleaning products for women.

5. Disinfection of toilet and bathing utensils in hotels.

6. Disinfection of baby bottles, diapers and children's toys.

7. Disinfection of household refrigerators, sanitary wares and toiletries.

8. Disinfection of pets.

9. Disinfection after touching coins.

10. Disinfection of taxi and other objects and supplies

It is widely used in disinfection of family, kindergarten, office, hospital, school, catering, entertainment, vehicles and other places. Disinfect and sterilize anytime, anywhere.

It can disinfect tableware, personal goods, public goods, children's toys, computer keyboard and mouse, cash counter, car interior, drinking water, toothbrush, telephone, door lock handle and many other objects' surface! At the same time, it also has the function of identifying counterfeit banknotes. The portable UV disinfector can destroy the DNA or RNA molecular chain structure of bacterial virus life center in a very short time. The killing rate of bacterial virus is more than 99.9%, and it can no longer reproduce.

usage method:

1. Click the switch power button, the first flashlight lights up. Play a hint to do.

2. Click the power button again, and the lamp holder of sterilizer will start to work, and aim the light source at the position to be disinfected.

3. Irradiation time: after 20 seconds of irradiation, the killing rate of bacteria such as Escherichia coli was above 99.9%.

4. The lamp holder can rotate in the range of 0 ~ 150 ° and can be disinfected at an appropriate angle according to the needs.

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