No. 1 In The World For Being Drunk

- Jan 26, 2021-

The fact that the British drink heavily has been confirmed again. The British "Guardian" reported on the 25th that a survey report covering 25 countries found that the number of times the British were drunk last year was the world's first. The survey also found that the problem of alcoholism in the UK is far more serious than other problems. In the UK, more than 5% of people under the age of 25 will seek medical treatment urgently because of alcoholism, while the global average is only 2%.

   reported that the results of this survey also show that British people are indeed more likely to get drunk than people in other countries. Survey data shows that the average Scots and English were drunk 33 times last year. In addition, the risk of death due to alcohol abuse in these two regions is also the highest among the 25 interviewed regions, and is more than twice the death rate in several European countries such as Germany, Spain, Italy and Portugal. In addition, 48% of Britons said they have been drinking more since the outbreak of the new crown.

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