Ottawa, The Capital Of Canada, May Have A Third Wave Of Outbreaks

- Mar 06, 2021-

On March 5, local time, Vera Etches, a public medical officer in Ottawa, the Canadian capital, said that Ottawa appeared to have had a third wave of new crown epidemics.

   She said: “It seems that the third wave of epidemics has already appeared. The results of the wastewater test are obviously a very certain predictor.”

   The Ottawa Public Health Bureau warned two days ago that the number of people infected with a mutated new coronavirus is currently increasing, and 10 patients in the city have been infected with the mutated new coronavirus. But Edges said that after preliminary screening, 73 people were found to have genetic indicators that they had been infected with one of the mutant new coronaviruses.

   What is even more worrying is that the wastewater test results show that the situation of infection with the first mutant new coronavirus B.1.1.7 found in the UK may be more serious.

   Edges warned: “There are some cases where people infected with the new coronavirus have not been tested. People with unobvious symptoms are not aware that they have been infected with the new coronavirus, so they missed the nucleic acid test."

  On March 5th, Ontario, where Ottawa is located, announced that starting from March 8th, the stay-at-home orders in Toronto and the Peel area will be lifted and commercial facilities can be partially resumed.

   According to the new crown epidemic data released by the provinces on March 5, Canada added 3370 new confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia that day, and a total of 881,761 cases were confirmed. This is the day with the largest number of new cases in a single day in Canada since February 6. In addition, there were 41 new deaths from new coronary pneumonia that day, with a total of 22,192 deaths.

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