Plant A Forest For Your Room “UVC Air Purifier”

- Aug 04, 2020-

    The hotel is an irreplaceable place for us to stay temporarily when we travel. In our impression, the hotel always maintains certain hygiene standards, is clean and tidy, and staff always cleans the sheets and covers regularly. However, this is a place with large population mobility, and even though the frequency of cleaning is very high, it cannot make people feel at ease.

UVC air purifier

    The reason for this is that there are too many strangers coming in and out of the hotel, which leads to bacteria in the air and on some articles of daily use, which will increase the chance of us being infected by bacteria. Based on such concerns, many hotels choose to use air purifiers to ensure the quality of hotel air, to reassure consumers, and to improve hotel revenue. This is the biggest reason for hotels to use air purifiers, but not the only reason, so what are the other reasons for hotels to use air purifiers?

    First, to guarantee the air quality, which can provide a healthy environment for the staff working in the hotel and the people who come to live in the hotel, and guarantee their health. Reduce airborne dust and bacteria in the room.

    Secondly, the use and installation of air purifiers in hotels can improve the level of the hotel to a certain extent, thus attracting more consumers to come. A hotel equipped with high-quality instruments will leave a good impression in the hearts of consumers, so as to get more trust. As you can see, putting an air purifier in a hotel is a very lucrative business.

    Third, from the overall environment, our society should be a humane care of the society, the installation of air purifier in the hotel, can highlight the people-oriented concept of the hotel, so as to attract more customers.


    Air purifiers are just the beginning for hotels, and it is believed that in the near future, more hotels will start to use air purifiers. So the question is, what kind of air purifier is better for hotels? In order to meet the needs of each hotel air purification, the source of the shenzhen LightS technology co., LTD launched to launch a LS1858 UVC lamp + anion air purifier is very appropriate, USES four efficient filtering: primary filter, nano ions to filter, honeycomb activated carbon filter, UVC lamp, anion purifying device, you can also add other natural plant fragrance, let every breath is your favorite flavor. At the same time, the air volume is large, it USES intelligent super silent motor, intelligent silent and do not disturb.

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