Shenzhen LightS Technology Co., Ltd. Hiring Post Recruits 8 Salesmen

- Jun 20, 2019-


Shenzhen LightS Technology Co., Ltd. Hiring post recruits 8 salesmen

Job Responsibilities:


1. Responsible for tracking, digging customers and pre-sales preparations

2. Maintenance and use of e-commerce platform such as Alibaba International Station

3. Responsible for enquiry, reply to emails, follow up customers, report RFQ, update product 

information, place orders, etc 

4. Responsible for coordinating production transfer, quality supervision and cargo transportation

5. Responsible for tracking after-sales customers, coordinating after-sales engineers, and completing customer-related after-sales work

6.Responsible for foreign guests to visit the production line for reception, translation and business negotiation



1. College degree or above in business English, international trade, marketing, etc., college English level 6 or above, proficient in English listening, speaking, reading and writing

2. With more than 1 year of e-commerce sales experience, familiar with trade trading platform operations 

3. Has a strong enterprising spirit and team spirit, serious work, strong sense of responsibility, strong resistance, cheerful personality, strong communication skills, careful work, clear thinking, can complete the work in a planned manner 

4. Good character, loyal to the company, passionate to colleagues, strong sense of responsibility and professionalism


Looking forward to aspiring young people to join our team

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