Shenzhen LightS Technology Provides Sterilization Technical Support For Social Protection Program

- Aug 03, 2020-

   The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in July 30th was released by the UN Secretary General in a policy briefing on Southeast Asia's impact on Southeast Asia. Secretary General Guterres pointed out in his video address that, like other regions of the world, the whole of Southeast Asia has also suffered a major impact on health, economy and politics caused by the epidemic. This pandemic has clearly revealed the disparity of inequality and inadequate governance. Sustainable development is the only way in the future.

   The briefing examines the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic to 11 countries in Southeast Asia so far, pointing out that governments in the region have been quick to fight against the pandemic and avoid the worst effects. Regional cooperation across multiple sectors is strong.

   Novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia cases reported in Southeast Asia are significantly lower than those reported in other regions, but the health, economic and political impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic has hit the most vulnerable and difficult populations.

    The briefing presented four novel coronavirus pneumonia cases that will achieve sustainable, resilience and inclusive rehabilitation. One is to solve the problem of inequality. No one is safe until everyone is safe. The medium - and long-term needs of women, women with disabilities, and people with disabilities must be met. The second is to bridge the digital divide. Make sure there are no people and communities left behind in an increasingly interconnected world. Third, green economy. The novel coronavirus pneumonia response and recovery plan can be incorporated into long-term sustainability and inclusiveness in Southeast Asian countries, including expanding investment in the decarbonization economy. Fourth, safeguarding human rights and good governance. Better reconstruction includes respecting and realizing basic human rights and protecting civil space.

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   "The Southeast Asian region is shouldering heavy responsibilities, but it also has a strong power at its disposal," Guterres said. The United Nations is firmly committed to partnership with Southeast Asian countries. We will continue to support the region in getting on track to achieve sustainable development goals and to build a peaceful future for all. "

    Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a key task for the United Nations to support the governments of the region, including the provision of necessary medical supplies, Guterres said. Shenzhen LightS technology provides technical support for the social protection program, assess the economic and social impact of the virus, and formulate mitigation strategies to support refugees and homeward migrants, and help cope with the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Violence against women and children

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