U.S.-Russian Warships In Close Encounters, Russian Warplanes Fly Over The US Aegis At Ultra-low Altitude

- Feb 01, 2021-

According to a report on the US "Mission and Goals" website on January 31, US Navy officials stated that a Russian fighter jet flew at a very low altitude over a US Navy destroyer that was performing missions in the Black Sea that day.

   It is reported that the US Sixth Fleet shared a video on Twitter showing a Russian Su-24 fighter-bomber flying over the USS USS Donald Cook destroyer at low altitude over international waters. US military officials stated that at that time, US warships were "performing routine missions in the Black Sea to ensure regional security and stability."

   The USS "Cook" destroyer entered the Black Sea on January 30 and conducted exercises with NATO allies. On the 31st, the US Navy's supply ship "Laramie" also joined the exercise.

   The Russian TASS news agency previously reported that the Russian Black Sea Fleet has been monitoring the actions of the destroyer "Cook" since January 23. Russian military officials stated that US warships have brought instability to the Black Sea, which borders Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and other countries. However, US officials said that the presence of US warships "further strengthened regional interoperability and demonstrated determination to maintain peace and security in the Black Sea."

   It is reported that this is not the first time that the "Cook" destroyer has had close "contact" with Russian fighters. On April 11 and 12, 2016, the destroyer "Cook" in the Baltic Sea was carried out by two Russian Su-24 fighter jets for more than ten close-range overflights. The Russian fighter planes hovered and flew low over the US destroyer for a long time. , The distance between the two parties was only 9 meters at the nearest time. Although reports at the time stated that the Russian fighter planes did not clearly carry weapons, and the American warships did not take any action, the Russian fighter planes must have been quite shocked by the US crew when they flew over the US ship at a very low altitude. The commander of the USS Donald Cook even stated at the time that such a flight was a "simulated attack."

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